Havenwoord Nursing Home

Overall I am very pleased with the system, there is a lot of control available. The first bill received from Bord Gais was circa 13k, this was with no controls in place and heating the entire building. The second bill came during the month, the cost was reduced in half as we were able to switch off rooms unoccupied. Hopefully as we get used to the building and controls that this can be further improved. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or use this building as a reference site. Padraig Dolan, Managing Director Haven Wood Nursing Care Facility

Marino Institute

Comeragh Controls carried out a large project here in Marina Institute of Education over recent months, subcontracted by Veolia as part of a large scale heating upgrade. A large part of the project was the installation of zonal heating control to every room in the building. This was Comeragh Controls responsibility and was carried out in a very efficient, effective and professional manner.

Installation was generally no- invasive and disruption was kept to a minimum.

The heating schedules and temperatures can be controlled centrally at one PC in the main office. The time saved in being able to do this is immeasurable. Increases in efficiency and reductions in cost are expected and it is because of this success that we would recommend Comeragh Controls.

Ciaran Fogarty

Head of Conferencing and Facilities

Stewarts Hospital, Palmerstown Phase I

In Nov 2009 Comeragh Controls was employed as a subcontractor by Dalkia Limited to design and provide a zoned heating controls system in a full-time residential care facility in Stewarts Hospital, Palmerstown, Dublin. Comeragh Controls has impressed Dalkia and the client in their attention to detail and level of professionalism throughout the installation and commissioning period. We were particularly pleased with how Comeragh Controls always ensured that there was minimal disruption to the building’s heating system throughout the installation. To date the feedback from the staff working in the building and the hospital’s Technical Services Department has been very positive by all involved as the new system brings a greater degree of control and comfort to the staff and residents in the building. Significant energy savings are expected from the project mainly due to the zoning aspect of the project which means rooms are not unnecessarily heated as certain times each day. Dalkia would highly recommend both Comeragh Controls and their Zone Control system, the Rad Master, to any facility endeavouring to reduce its running costs and increase the comfort levels for its occupants.

David Collins

Energy Manager, Dalkia Limited

Stewarts Hospital, Palmerstown Phase II

The zoned heating controls solution provided by Comeragh Controls, and the continual support provided, has been an integral part of the recently installed Dalkia/Stewarts Care energy demand and cost saving project initiatives. Comeragh heating controls were installed in 27 separate buildings onsite providing in excess of 600 individual zones all capable of being setpoint and timer controlled to suit the needs of the occupants whilst also providing a marked increase in site energy efficiency. Overall project savings, for which Comeragh Controls have played a significant part, amount to greater than 70% cost savings on a year for year comparison

John Kane

Senior Energy Manager, Dalkia Limited

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